Introduction to Net Promoter Score®

Learn what it is, why it’s good and how to use it

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You’ve heard about it. But how is it different to all the other customer survey tools? What’s so special about Net Promoter®?

It Really is Different

Actually NPS® is quite special and quite different to the other customer survey approaches in several critical ways.

What’s more, many people that have been told about Net Promoter were never told the key reasons that it’s different. To them it’s just another customer survey.

Read this concise introduction and in 10 minutes you will grasp the key features of the unique methodology and how it can be used.

You Will Learn:

  • You’ll see why customer satisfaction scores are not that useful and why Net Promoter is a much better customer loyalty measure.
  • Who invented it, why and which companies are using it to drive big changes in their business.
  • How to calculate Net Promoter Score and
  • How you compare to other organisations.
  • How this approach can be used to drive change in your company and lift profits.

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