The Complete Patient Satisfaction Survey Kit

Effortless Customer Feedback For Your Small Business

Having owned and run a boutique consulting business for more than 10 years I know that we small businesses need to do all the things that big businesses need to do, just with fewer people. The result is that there is never enough time to do everything; even the things we know should be done.

Top of the action list is always: Finding and keeping new customers. So, along with marketing, continually improving the business to align with what customers really want is critical. That means collecting customer feedback and acting on it.

The problem is how to do that effectively with limited time and budget?

In my case, I’m lucky because a large part of my business is customer feedback consulting. That means writing surveys, collecting feedback, analysing data and acting on the feedback are second nature.

Not everyone is so lucky. That changes now!

You Don’t Have Time to Become an Expert in Yet Another Skill

Customer feedback is important but, like many other small businesses, you don’t have the time to learn how to do it well, or at all. You’re flat out just keeping up with customer demands.

But what if you could get a professionally developed survey, for your industry, with analysis charts, preloaded and ready to go? That would make things a lot easier.

Enter The Complete Small Business Customer Feedback Kit. It gives you with a best practice, industry specific, pre-loaded, customer survey, analysis spread sheet and action planning tools in one easy step.

You just need to change the company name in the template, add the provided link to an email and hit send. Everything else happens automatically.

It Takes Only 5 Minutes From Purchase to Sending Your First Professional Quality Survey

From the time you download the kit to sending your first survey invite should be under 5 minutes. When the responses come in they will auto-populate into the analysis charts ready to be actioned. Easy.

This Kit gets you up and running with a best practice survey and analysis process in just a few minutes. It allows you to focus on how to use the feedback to improve your business to increase customer retention and drive referral rates.

Here’s How We Get You the Right Questions For Your Business

After 10 years designing and analysing customer feedback for a range of customers and industries, we have a very good insight into what is important to customers in different industries.

The surveys in this kit are focused on Patient Satisfaction.

Your Complete Small Business Customer Feedback Kit Includes…

Survey_Form2Prebuilt Survey

We have created a range of best practice, industry specific surveys. Just pick the one for your industry and you’re ready to go.

The questions are worded properly; the order, number of questions and response scales all use industry best practices. This survey would cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you had a consultant design it for you.

Preloaded into Google Surveys With Analysis Charts Already Built

Google Surveys is a sophisticated survey tool that is also free to use. So the price/functionality mix is perfect.

We have preloaded your industry specific survey questions into Google Surveys. So you don’t even need to learn how to do that.
The best part is that we have built great charts and other features in the Google Survey and automatically linked them to your survey results. You have your survey and analysis in the same place. No need to export data out of the web survey tool and copy it into your spreadsheet.

Survey_Form1Learning a new piece of software is gone, hours of spreadsheet jockeying are gone, the hassle is gone.

Templates for Subject Lines and Invite Emails

For some industries email is the way to go but how do you phrase the email invite? What should the subject line be?

We have sent thousands of invites and we know the best way to word both the invite and the subject line.

Included in The Kit is an email template and recommendations for the subject line of the email. Just copy them into your own email and hit send. You can send individual emails or use your CRM, e-commerce or newsletter system.

You can also use QR codes (great for restaurants and retailers) and links on your web pages for online retailers. There are simple, specific instructions on how to do all of this in The Kit.

Tools and Training to Act on the Data

When the feedback starts rolling in you need a plan to use it. There are some simple ways of analysing the data to significantly improve the actions you can take.

Included in The Kit is a training video and template to help you use the 5 Why’s Process: A simple to use but very effective approach to uncovering the root cause of customer problems.

This technique is used by big businesses to drive change but has been adapted here for small business users.

Need more help to drive action in your business just ask in the Members Only Customer Feedback forums. Your questions are answered by experienced customer feedback professionals.

You Will Receive:

  1. Your industry specific survey
  2. Loaded onto the Google survey platform
  3. Pre-built with analysis charts
  4. Your own copy of the questions and the Google Survey configuration.
  5. Best practice email invite templates and subject line suggestions
  6. Support forums staffed by customer feedback specialists to answer all of your questions about the kit or customer feedback in general
  7. Training and support tools to help you make use of the customer feedback.

If It Doesn’t Work For You We’ll Give You Your Money Back

90 day No Questions Asked Guarantee.

If you’re not 100% happy with your Kit just ask and we’ll refund 100% of of your payment for up to 90days after your purchase.